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Executive & Technical Advisory Consortium

We are a 100% Veteran Owned Company founded by a seasoned leader in the IT industry. ETAC was founded with a singular purpose of providing career progression services to Veterans pursuing IT careers. We take the time and effort to coach and mentor these great Americans as they pursue the next steps in their careers.

We are a group of Veterans that aren't satisfied with the solutions the market has available and we feel the hiring process is broken. This has created unfair disadvantages to Veterans, especially in IT. So we created a new way.

We Serve as a Liaison Between Veteran Job Seekers and Employers

For the Veteran

We have created the industry's most comprehensive mentoring and hiring solution available. We provide Veterans with the best technical mentoring and training available in the market. We leverage the top companies with the top talent and proven programs. Companies such as INE, CloudMyLab, Udemy and NetworkDoJo. We do not re-sell their products, we incorporate their products within our program. We do this so Veterans are guided by the top people in the world. Other programs give them the cheapest talent and lowest end courses to produce better profit margins. The people that teach the courses barely know more than the students. With our program, the Veteran with no IT background is still taught by someone with multiple CCIEs.

We do this with a self-paced cutting-edge video-based course offering. We then augment this with live tutoring to ensure they can ask 'why' not just hear 'how'. Our mentors are carefully screened and chosen based on their actual experience. To expand upon this we also provide 1-on-1 mentoring with industry experts as part of the memberships.


For the Employer

We believe the hiring process is completely broken. Resumes, job boards, recruiters and numerous interviews typically result in marginal matches at best. We studied the techniques and came to the conclusion it was time for something new. Much like eHarmony did with the dating world. We focus on matching people with people not resumes with job reqs.

Each Veteran and Hiring Manager completes an exhaustive profile. We then use our proprietary matching system to connect the wants and desires of the employer with the capabilities, characters and personalities of the Veterans. We do more than look for a certification and tell you the candidate is an extrovert. We are Veterans and we are IT engineers which means that we speak the language of both parties. We match make.

We will never charge you a placement fee to meet or hire a Veteran because doing that is an honor for us. However, we won't let you have access to hiring them unless you are willing to invest in furthering their career. We have carved out several mentoring plans that will drive them forward and even created team plans to help you further reduce your costs across the business.

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We support our heroes

100% Veteran Focused IT Program

Available in all 50 States

Our Veteran Services are available to all of our Nation's Heroes:

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Firefighters & EMS

Border Patrol


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Why We Do What We Do

  • 44% of Veterans leave their first job in the first year
  • 65% leave after the second year
  • Veteran suicide rates are highest during the first 3 years
  • 22 Suicides Per Day - based on 1999 survey of <40% of population - REAL NUMBER IS MUCH HIGHER
  • 20% of global suicides per year are due to unemployment


We can't help Veterans forget combat memories or grow back new limbs, but WE CAN HELP THEM GET JOBS!


Would you take 5 minutes and fill out an anonymous survey to help us collect real data on the impact of transitioning into IT roles after the military. We do not collect contact data. This is a Veteran created, collected and analyzed survey. We partnered with Military-Tranisition.org to help us do this. We will be providing the results and analysis directly to VA, TAP, Active Duty and Guard Commanders and various other organizations to drive awareness that we need to provide better preparation for our military members before they leave the service.

A Conversation That Changed My Life

I had stumbled across a few Vets that were trying to purchase Advanced Cisco Wireless Training from a company I had heavily invested in. I reached out to the VA to find out if we could provide a way to make this available. I was told no. Afterwards,  I found numerous Universities and IT training companies that were doing something similar, but they were taking advantage of the Vets.

They were running programs that took as much as $40,000 (75% of the Vet's Education Benefit) for low end certifications that had little to no market value. The Vets would waste their benefits, work hard and then enter the job market to find out all the work and money they had just invested did them no good. The skills they were getting were irrelevant and obsolete in the corporate world. This infuriated me so I took the first steps to create the vision that led to what we are doing today. I initially set out to give a better training option to Veterans.

Then I met Steve Durgin and Mikel Burroughs, the CEO and Chairman of Victory for Veterans Foundation. Their organization is focused solely on creating programs to fight Veteran Suicide, PTSD and TBI. I asked Steve and Mikel, 'What can I do to help you? My program is not focused on suicide.' Steve replied,

"Terry you do not realize the impact of your idea, you are creating a cure for Veteran suicide. You are providing a way to restore Hope and Purpose which ultimately cures suicide."

That statement changed my life! A few weeks later I abandoned my investment, restructured my company and began the process of building ETAC into what it is today. We will never lose sight that this is our responsibility and purpose in this world... restoring Hope and Purpose to as many Veterans as possible, regardless if they are just separating from the military or they are seasoned and moving into executive roles. They fought for us and we will now fight for them.

Terry Jenkins

Founder & CEO

Government Relationships

In our journey to support Veterans we have established ourselves throughout the country with government entities. Our Founder & CEO, Terry Jenkins, has personally met with numerous Congressmen and Senators as well as provided testimony to the House Committee on Veterans Affairs. At one point he even corresponded with the President in an effort to move our programs along. This has resulted in ETAC becoming one of the first and only IT Apprenticeships approved in all 50 states for both the Department of Labor and the Department of Veterans Affairs.

H.R. 3949
Joint Effort: Department of Labor (DOL) | Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) | Office of the President | 115th Congress

On November 21, 2017, the 115th Congress signed H.R. 3949 into law. This is referred to as the VALOR Act. It was a result of a Presidential Executive Order that pushed the DOL and VA to create a better method for nationally based corporations to open apprenticeship programs to help Veterans find employment. Its great to see our government taking steps to help Veterans!

Our program allows you to leverage your GI Bill and Voc Rehab benefits as part of a DOL and VA Approved OJT and Apprenticeship program. This is available regardless of where you live and work in all 50 States.

ETAC's Official Program ID is 2018-ZA-71328 

DOD - FED Contract Capabilities

We have grown our independent ability to service direct government contracts at the State and Federal Level through two strategic partnerships. Together this gives us the capability to provide direct placement of our Veteran members into contracts. Thereby providing them with superior salaries and opportunities over the other contracting agencies that prey on their security clearances to make outrageous margins.

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Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB)

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Minority Owned Small Disadvantaged Business


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Structured and Paid - Don't Waste Your Time With Others

Mentoring From Industry Experts

Mentoring has become an over marketed term in the Veteran space. There are free phone apps, social media groups and non-profits that are advertising how mentoring will change a Vet's career.

We believe mentoring is a great tool and a lost art, but like anything else, without structure and purpose it can quickly become a waste of time for both the mentor and mentee. How does connecting a Vet fresh out of the military, an infantry soldier, who wants to be in IT with a CIO do anything? This is not mentoring this is just a conversation. It would be better for the Vet to speak with a Network Engineer that can directly advise him on the next steps. The CIO's perspective is too far removed from where the Vet needs to go next.

If the tool or group is not structured one of two things begins to happen;

A) The advice starts to become a group of people that like to hear themselves talk giving such generic advice it hurts people. Yes, it hurts them. Veterans are fighting time as their worst enemy and wasting it can cost them in a bad way. Also, why is a financial guy giving advice on IT? Are they sure the advice applies?

B) Mentors began to lose interest because they know they are not really helping the individual. They sign up to help, to pay it forward, but wasting time doesn't help anyone.

We do it differently.

  • We seek volunteers and make it easy for them to sign up. But then we charge the Veterans, as part of their membership, for each mentoring session. We then pay the mentor for their time. This way we know all parties are in it for the right reason.
  • We screen each mentor, so we know their strengths. We are focused on IT so we only accept mentors with backgrounds in IT.
  • We group each mentor into categories:
    • HR-Resumes-Interviewing
    • Executive-Management
    • Expert-CCIE (split per technology area)
    • Senior Engineers (split per technology area)
  • We take the requests from the Veteran and schedule with the appropriate mentor. We strive to build long-term relationships. This allows each party to see the results as they happen.

Want to sign-up to be a mentor? Visit the Mentor Portal below.

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Vet Fund

The Need

Helping Veterans and their families takes more than just training and jobs. They are people. They are likely in very unfamiliar territory and had naive expectations on how the transition would go. We see this in the research we do. This means many are quickly in terrible financial situations and feeling hopeless.

Many have struggled with the basics such as a laptop, internet at home, funds to take the certification exams, etc. Without these there is no way for them to get the skills and opportunities to break out of their situations. We have created a Vet Fund to help answer this. We DO NOT let anyone in for free, we believe a critical aspect to success is skin in the game, however, from time to time we do provide partial scholarships to offset some of the costs.

If you would like to contribute time, money, items such as laptops, etc., then contact us via the form on the Vet Fund page and we would be glad to speak with you. There are many ways to thank a Vet for their service but they should all involve action. After all, they provided action to serve us.

Registered 501(c)(3) Non-Profit

We Partner with VFVF To Manage Our Vet Fund

Victory For Veterans Foundation manages our Vet Fund and helps to make the distributions to those that need it. We do this to show to all those that donate that we have proper oversight into how the donations are managed.