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We are a 100% Veteran Owned Company founded by a seasoned leader in the IT industry. ETAC was founded with a singular purpose of transitioning Veterans into promising careers. We take the time and effort to coach and mentor these great Americans as they pursue the next steps in their careers upon completion of their military service.

Our one-of-a-kind program screens Veteran talent and assists them in finding IT related positions.  We train them in cutting edge technologies and work in a programmatic way with both the Veteran and their Employer to mentor and mold them into leading Network Engineers.

Earn while you Learn - No GI Bill Needed

100% Veteran Focused IT Program

Join the other Veterans that have taken control of their destiny and are starting promising careers in Next-Generation Network Engineering. Learn the skills, earn the certifications and gain the experience all while you earn a great salary.

Available in all 50 States

We Have Veterans in 40 States and Continue to Add More Weekly.

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Most Veterans leaving the service are exactly what employers are looking for but they are from another culture.

Watch as the two worlds between military and civilian collide in this short clip from a live performance by the great Robin Williams. Do you stick out the same way in the corporate world?

How Do We Solve This?


We mentor and incubate the Veteran over a long term period. We spend the time with the employers and Veterans to ensure we help them adapt. We function like a family taking in exchange students. They work and interact in jobs during the day. At night they come home to their new family and we mentor them in all four key areas to help them transfer and translate their existing skills, traits and behaviors into a new habits to make them a good fit in the corporate culture.

Terry Jenkins, Founder & CEO, shares some "Food for Thought" on the main topics we discuss with Veterans everyday.

The Impact of Military Culture on Transition

The Job Search-What are you doing wrong?

Exploring the IT Market

You Need a Mentor

Military Brotherhood

Should We Charge

Ready to Get Started? Visit the Veteran Portal for Sign-up, need a little more research keep scrolling.

The Culture

  • Behaviors and Mannerisms
  • The hidden language - what color tie, where do you sit, dress code
  • Rank based culture to Politics based culture
  • Team Dynamics and Leadership - differences between military and corporate approaches

The Business

  • Understanding how corporations run
  • The role of revenue, customers and products
  • IT - Evolution from a support function to driving new business
  • The new mission - where do they fit in the organization - how can they contribute
mentoring circle

The Person

  • Managing the uncertainty of transitioning - financial, housing, feeling alone and out of place and no one speaks your language
  • Connecting with your new team - finding the common ground
  • Valuing your experiences in decision making, leadership, stress management, responsibility and dedication - learning to bring these to the table
  • Filling the void- your job and your purpose in life were one and the same in the military - how to find a new purpose

The Job

  • Identifying the right skills for both career progression and relevancy to the company - get the skills that solve their problems
  • Mastering your new skills and establishing yourself - proving yourself through certifications and credentials
  • Where to start and where to go next
  • Working with upper management - you're used to solving problems - quickly go from turning knobs to driving the business

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Our Vision

Restoring Hope and Purpose To Our Nation's Veterans

There are 22 Veteran suicides each day which equates to almost 8000 per year. Several global studies conducted throughout the past 10 years have indicated that 20% of annual suicides are directly related to unemployment. When that 20% is applied to Veteran suicides, that is 1600 of our nation's finest men and women. These Veterans consider giving up because they cannot successfully make the transition into careers capable of sustaining their families.

This is a problem that can be fixed!

Some stats we are trying to change through our approach:

44% of Veterans leave their first job after the service in the first year
65% leave after the second year
Veteran suicide rates are highest during the first 3 years after transition