ETAC Inc. (usveteranjobs.com) 

is NOW part of Victory for Veterans Foundation,

a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit. 

We have merged and will operate as a single entity going forward. ETAC was founded with a single purpose of transitioning Veterans into IT careers. The founder, Terry Jenkins, has created one of the only nationwide IT-focused apprenticeship programs that is approved by the Department of Labor and the VA in all 50 states. He will continue to drive the vision as an active Board Member. VFV has partnered with ETAC for over a year and we are very excited that our two companies have now become one.


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We Help Veterans, Law Enforcement, First Responders AND their families launch careers.

We are nationwide and help our Heroes in all 50 states.

We at Victory For Veterans decided to take action and begin efforts to be a different kind of organization, one in which a Veteran's entire needs would be considered.  We look at the whole person, not just a particular need. 

The goal is to Restore Hope and Purpose. Veterans are dangerously vulnerable to depression and suicide for a lot of reasons. Some have issues with PTSD, TBI and other scars of combat, but all generally struggle with integrating back into the non-military world.

The common issue...they are missing the purpose they once felt while serving. To restore this purpose we focus on helping them initiate new careers. We focus on the future, not the past - give them something to live for and you can cure suicide.

It all begins with a new career.

Our goal is to define comprehensive career tracks that lead to long-term earning capabilities.

The first career track we have focused on is INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY (IT).

Are You Interested In IT?

IT is the fastest growing career field in the market. We know this field better than others. Our Veteran IT Program can help you regardless of where you are at today. Job Matching, Training, Mentoring and Apprenticeship. You may be able to leverage your GI Bill and Voc Rehab as well.

Not Sure Why You Are Having Such A Hard Time Transitioning From The Military?