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H.R. 3949

Joint Effort: Department of Labor (DOL) | Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) | Office of the President | 115th Congress

On November 21, 2017, the 115th Congress signed H.R. 3949 into law. This is referred to as the VALOR Act. It was a result of a Presidential Executive Order that pushed the DOL and VA to create a better method for nationally based corporations to open apprenticeship programs to help Veterans find employment. Its great to see our government taking steps to help Veterans!

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How the benefits work:

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We are pleased to announce that we are one of the first - and only nationally approved - IT Apprenticeships!

Our program allows you to leverage your GI Bill and Voc Rehab benefits as part of a DOL and VA Approved OJT and Apprenticeship program. This is available regardless of where you live and work in all 50 States.

ETAC's Official Program ID is 2018-ZA-71328 

The OJT/Apprenticeship program is available after you secure a full-time IT position.

For most Veterans getting this IT position requires filling many gaps in your skills. These include baseline IT skills as well as resume, interview and job search skills and is where our Pre-Apprenticeship training comes in. This is not covered by the VA and we look for those veterans willing to invest in their own careers. We have done the work to make it affordable and push to give you the greatest Return on Investment (ROI) in the market. It is up to you to make the commitment and investment to get yourself to the next step.

On average, a typical Veteran invests less than $1000 to break into a new career, Afterwards, the companies that hire you often pay part, if not all, of the remaining training you do while in the OJT/Apprenticeship. This means that the extra Tax-Free Income you receive from the BHA is yours to keep and this allows you to recover the initial investment in less than a month.

How It Works

Step 1

ETAC, Veteran and Employer enter into an Apprenticeship Agreement. This government form enrolls you and your employer in the ETAC Department of Labor Program. The agreement outlines that the employer will give you annual pay increases as you reach program milestones.

Step 2

Veteran begins new job as a normal employee. You will perform the same tasks, be paid a full-time salary and benefits, and be held to the employers normal standards as an employee.

Step 3

As you learn the job and perform normal On The Job Training (OJT) tasks you will also follow a defined training plan with ETAC. The price of this program is $4500 per year for each of the 3 years you are in the program. We encourage employers to pay for this as part of your hiring agreement, but ultimately this is your responsibility. Some employers pay us directly and some increase your salary and expect you to use that to pay ETAC for the program.

Step 4

Both your assignments on the job and your training activities will be logged and recorded. You will submit these to ETAC which in turn certifies the hours you report. ETAC will periodically check in with your supervisor to ensure all reports are correct. The certified report is submitted to the VA from ETAC and the VA will distribute your income stipend based on the number of hours reported. You are not required to use your VA benefits, however, the reports will be maintained regardless.

VA Benefits

The VA allows the use of all chapters of GI Bill including Post-9/11, Montgomery, Reserve and Guard, and Vocational Rehab. However, OJT/Apprenticeship benefits are not paid out the same as tuition. The common difference is tuition is paid directly to Universities. This model pays no funds to ETAC; you will receive an income stipend, which is tax-free, as BHA. The amounts differ between the various chapters. For example, Post-9/11 is E-5 with dependents BHA for the 30605 zip code. This is based on the ETAC headquarters address not your personal address.

The GI Bill pays on a "scale down model". The concept is that as you earn skills and your salary goes up, your benefit goes down. You are paid more of your benefit in the early days of the program while you make less at your job.

  • 1st 6 Months = 100%
  • 2nd 6 Months = 80%
  • 3rd 6 Months = 60%
  • 4th 6 Months = 40%
  • Remainder of time = 20%

You will also receive a book reimbursement stipend of $83 per month for the duration of the program.

Training Plan

First Year

All apprentices follow the same path for the first year. The goal here is to establish you as a cross-architectural network engineer. You will take courses and be required to pass exams associated with the following certifications:

  • CCNA Routing & Switching (this may be completed prior to entering into the apprenticeship)
  • CCNA Wireless
  • CWNA
  • CCNA Security
  • CCNA Cyber Ops
  • CCNA Data Center

Second Year

During your second year you will begin to specialize in one of three tracks: Wireless, Security or Data Center/Cloud


  • CCNP Wireless (4 courses)
  • CWSP
  • CWDP
  • CWAP
  • Additional courses are included at ETAC's discretion to coincide with your specific position and career aspirations.


  • CCNP Security (4 courses)
  • Security+ (if applicable)
  • Ethical Hacking/Penetration Testing
  • Additional courses are included at ETAC's discretion to coincide with your specific position and career aspirations.

Data Center/Cloud:

  • CCNA Cloud
  • CCNP Data Center (4 courses)
  • Network Programmability
  • VMware VCP
  • Additional courses are included at ETAC's discretion to coincide with your specific position and career aspirations.

Third Year

The third year will likely be used to finish the courses from year two. Additional courses such as PMP, programming languages, etc may be added for those that move quickly in years one and two.


After the 3 years, and once you have met the required hours and certifications, you will be awarded a formal document signed by the Department of Labor and ETAC which is recognized as an industry credential much like a degree.