Job Seeker

Our goal is to drastically increase your chances for a successful career.

We offer services for any Hero in any career field. Especially, when it comes to matching you with employers. However, our focus from the beginning has been to provide a path into an IT career. If you are not interested in IT, you will get the most benefit out of our Interview, Resume and Job Searching workshops. These can help anyone.

Meet GI George

The original artwork below should help you 'see' how we use a systematic, building-block approach to dress you for success. Career change is not a quick thing. Essentially, it involves changing your behaviors similar to the way the military did in boot camp. We are going to give you the secrets to this boot camp so you will be ready for the new culture you are facing.

While in the Military you were at the top of your game.


When you completed your service, you left the uniform behind.


Most Veterans that come to us have about a 10% chance of landing a good post-military career.

Nice Superman underoos!

Learn to translate your skills, strengths and experiences with our resume workshops.

Most Veterans will say...

I'm a 25B that deployed with 2nd platoon to Afghanistan and worked on the USAFE SIPRNET.


You should say...

I'm a seasoned front line IT communications manager. I supervised a team of 4 supporting global operations. My primary responsibility was the military's internet.

You're closer to 20% now.

Cool socks!


Learn to speak their language and present yourself.

You are a salesman and 'you' are the product. You MUST convince them to lease you 40 hours a week.

  • What color suit and tie?
  • Did I say 'sir' or 'roger' too much?
  • Does it matter where I sit at the conference table?
  • No, I don't have that certification yet, but I know I can do it.
  • Should I sit at attention or cross my legs?
  • Is Cyber Security a thing, a concept or a marketing term?

Our Interview and Job Search workshops help prepare you. You've moved to 30% now.

Great choice of an off-white interview shirt!

Navigating the Job Search is a job itself.

Our Job Search workshops will help you learn to leverage job boards, recruiters, LinkedIn and social media.

Our Job Matching System is FREE for Veterans. Your next job may already be in our database.

  • So many boards and so many jobs. Are these real?
  • Why are so many of the recruiters foreign? I can't understand them.
  • Isn't LinkedIn just another Facebook?
  • What is an Application Tracking System?
  • Are there really people out there that meet all of the job requirements?

This is where most find their initial job. You've moved to 40% now.

Grey slacks, excellent!

Interested in IT? Keep Going!

If you are pursuing IT you may need to add some technical skills before being able to get an entry-level job.

Our Pre-Apprenticeship Program helps you with the areas above as well as giving you over 100 hours of detailed training.

ETAC Foundations Course

Takes you from the basics like how the Internet started to how switching, routing, security and wireless work today.

A+, Net+, Sec+ and MS Server

The knowledge you learn will give you the same skills as these very basic courses in the market.


Self-Paced Video Learning

We leverage this style to help you move as fast as you need. 

Group and 1-on-1 Mentoring

You still need to be able to ask questions and be coached. We schedule live sessions to allow you to connect to experts.

For those breaking into IT this gets you to 50%. If you're already at this level then move to the next step.

Nice shoes. Glad you went with black to match that belt. Really happy there is no spit shine!

Sample Session

Our sessions are not polished, studio created, or glorified slide reading; they are down to earth discussions and explanations. This sample is one of the videos included in the package. It is a recorded live class we conducted last year. You will experience it in the same raw format you would if you were dialed in during the class.

This is the first step and you can get all of this for $75 because you have a community behind you that donates to keep our costs low for HEROES.

Can't afford $75 right now? You can also purchase with 4 monthly payments of $25.

After obtaining the core skills, its time to tackle the first step in Network Engineering - passing the Cisco CCNA R&S Exams.

ETAC CCNA Exam Prep Courses

We teach the classes over four weeks, one four hour day per week.

Must have completed the ETAC Foundations Course 

The goal of these courses is not to teach you the core information, rather to help you cram for the exam.


Labs and Demos Included

You will go through demos in the course and be expected to complete labs at home to ensure you are ready.

Test Taking Prep

These exams are tough. You need to learn strategies. It takes more than just knowledge to pass. We will guide you through practice questions and strategies to help you suceed.

This gets most to 60-70% and usually into their first 'real' IT job.

Looking sharp. Glad that's a blue tie and not a red one. Don't want to come across as cocky!

Exam Prep Courses for $500

This includes:

  • live instruction all done from home via web conference
  • one exam voucher included (either ICND1 or ICND2)
  • 4 x 4-hour sessions (typically on weekends)

Courses are scheduled based on a waiting list. Contact us below to sign-up, once we meet the minimum number of students we will contact you for payment and registration details.


Let's Look At The Apprenticeship Now!

All of the steps above are just there to help you break into that first entry-level IT job. This is where most of the traditional training companies and universities stop, but is where we really begin. Let's get you to Senior Engineer! You work and earn while you learn. This portion is eligible for GI Bill and Voc Rehab benefits and is approved by the Dept of Labor and VA under the Valor Act.


36-Month OJT Program

You go to work at your new employer and continue to train with ETAC.

Real World Experience

You will accrue 36 months of real IT experience.

Progress to Senior-Level

You will complete ~20 courses and earn 10+ high-demand certifications.

Only Nationwide IT Apprenticeship

Its an Official Program - if eligible you can leverage your VA Benefits to get paid an income stipend while you work and learn.

The Apprenticeship moves you from 70-100%. You are now ready to explode your career and start expecting those $100K salaries.

Khakis and a polo, now we're talking. Love the goatee, very Network Engineer-like!