Reality Check Series

This page is dedicated to our Reality Check Series of videos. The goal of this series is to communicate common mistakes, misconceptions and general ideas that most Veterans fail to consider. We are not changing the world or sharing some wisdom from above. Instead, we offer simple and practical advice. Our goal is to get you to stop and think. We love to say, THINK - PLAN - DO!

We see thousands of Veterans struggle with various aspects of finding meaningful careers after the military. Some that start immediately and some that are still trying 15 years later. Over time we have seen recurring behaviors, so we are offering this advice for free.

For many of the topics we have obviously taken the next step and created workshops and mentoring to help you solve these. Recognizing the problem is just the first step and changing your behavior may take time and effort. It's not something you can do by watching a 60 sec video. However, not realizing you are making these mistakes can cost you even more because you have no chance to improve.

We tried to have fun with these as well to make the message enjoyable.

We add a new video daily.


Introduction to the Series

If you are going to get advice from someone, get to know them first. This is directly from our founder.