We invite you to take about 8 mins of your time and fill out the following anonymous survey. We aren't trying to collect your contact info, we just want your input. We have paid another Veteran owned company to help us do this. The idea is that we - a Veteran owned company - want to use other Veterans to build and conduct a survey collected by Veterans. We need to protect our own.

The survey can't possibly cover every story, but in general we feel the transition problem is not being addressed. As we have grown as a company we have built relationships with 1000's of Veterans, other Veteran organizations, senators and congressmen and even communicated with the White House. We have talked with Active and Guard commanders and everyone knows this is a problem but there is no real data on what is happening.

Our goal is simple - collect real and raw data and then get it in front of the right people. Change starts with action and none of us can afford to wait for the government to do this for us. The change may not be yet another VA program; it may be as simple as letting commanders know to give their people more time and resources. TAP is great, but they can not carry the burden alone.

Please help us by simply clicking a few boxes so we can identify the pain points. Thank you.